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We Fix Humans!

At The Body Temple Cabarete we provide effective ways to help humans regenerate and evolve using our Structural Body Work System

Our Structural Body Work System:

Assisted Resistance Stretching

Sharing where pain/density of tissue/weakness/discomfort/ trauma/lack of flexibility are manifest in your body.

Improve Tissue Density

4 ways to Improve Tissue Density:
1. Mashing - Walking Massage, Ashiatsu
2. Mayofascial Release - MFR, Pulling the skin
3. Tui-Na - Joints, Fingers, Hands
4. Gua Sha - Scraping using a Massage Tool

Delta Brain Wave Healing State

Rest! Just be- let-go, relax and heal. During this integration period, switch off the mind and go inward with the heart. Let this experience sink you deep into the present moment, where it becomes easy to let go of thinking and enjoy the sounds of healing.

Fixing humans, one at a time!


I highly recommend The Body Temple Cabarete. I was blown away at how remarkably knowledgeable Michael and his team are. I have a physical disability that leads to a lot of neuromuscular issues and pain. I was astonished when after just one session, I felt so much better. I loved it so much, I went back for more a couple of days later! If you're ever in Cabarete, you must go see these guys.

— Meliza Mokrani


I came to Cabarete for vacation and a friend recommended Michael’s body work. I was looking to release my stress and did Michael deliver! He does a great job of explaining how our body works and our mind-body-spirit connection. He’s a wealth of knowledge and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.

— Becca Silver


Your body is the medicine!

It's a profound, structural therapeutic service we provide at The Body Temple Cabarete and it's very rewarding. It's the most non-invasive and effective way to develop and help heal a human body through physical movement.


Yoga @ The Body Temple

Book your session with Ash in group classes at The Body Temple Cabarete

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