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A healing service to fix humans.

At The Body Temple Cabarete we have a refined healing system as the distillation of hundreds of techniques/modalities Michael Gebhardt has been exposed to his 40 year Olympic Training and Coaching.

What is The Body Temple
The Body Temple

What is The Body Temple

Book your Session with Michael Gebhardt at The Body Temple Cabarete:

Our sessions begins weekdays starting 9AM.


Optimum time is 1.5 hours of Assisted Resistance Stretching, Massages and Sound Healing / Delta Meditation

Cost: US$150

Please feel free to reach out and book a session, by Whatsapp. Click on the button below to proceed:

Benefits of our Structural Body Work System:

• Immediate pain relief

• Improved strength and flexibility

• Joint regeneration

• Alkalizes body tissue

• Ultimate “De-Stress” technology

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