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Online Coaching By Gebi

Get closer to a refined healing system for athletes and now available to enhance the most of your personality.

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What's Included in the Session?


Get the most of you!

1.5 hours of Assisted Resistance Stretching, Massages and Sound Healing / Delta Meditation

Assisted Resistance Stretching

Sharing where pain/density of tissue / weakness / discomfort / trauma/lack of flexibility are manifest in your body.

Best ways to Improve Tissue Density
1. Mashing - Walking Massage, Ashiatsu
2. Mayofascial Release - MFR, pulling the Skin
3. Tui-Na - Joints, Fingers, Hands
4. Gua Sha - Scraping using a Massage Tool

Truly an Olympian

A Professional and Olympic windsurf athlete since 1984, Competed in 5 Summer Olympic Games, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996  &  2000

Winning over 210 competitions and an Olympic Silver (1992) & Bronze Medal (1988).


Professional Coach

Coaching and mentoring elite athletes, Pro & Olympic in windsurf and kitesurf for the past 21 years. My amazing athletes have won dozens of World Championship Titles, multiple World Records and Gold & Silver Medals.

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